TWISTED SENIORSBecause You Don't Bend The Way You Used To


Twister Game For Older Adults

Twister Game For Older Adults


Twisted Seniors ™ is a “Twister Style” That Game Goes On The Wall… For Older Adults Who Don’t Bend They Way They Used To!  LOL ; )

Play for casual fun or BIG FUN.  When Twister was invented it was accused of being a SEX IN A BOX product.  Really!  lol.  It was a huge success for kids of all ages and is still a popular college fraternity or sorority game.  Milton Bradley owns the name Twister, and the method of game play was patented in its day.  But that patent expired.  This method of play will be patented ASAP.

This “Twister Style” Game is different because it goes on the wall instead of the floor.

twister style game for older adults who don't bend the way they used to

“Twister Style” game for the Wall Instead Of The Floor, For Older Adults Who Don’t Bend the Way They Used To.

Method of Play:  For 3 Players of More.  A “Caller” pulls colored cards from a deck and calls out the color drawn.  The Players take turns putting a hand on color called.  If you pull your hand off your color after you put it down, you are out. Last person standing wins!  Clothing Optional!  Ha!

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