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First there was TWISTER (R)   NOW THERE IS TWISTED SENIORS (TM) Fun And Health For People Who Don’t Bend They Way They Used To!

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It is like Twister, but different because the game mat hangs on the wall, and the method of play is different, using only the hands so nobody falls.

The game will be all at once serious about helping senior citizens with quality of life and health issues around balance, mobility, flexibility, and social connections – but also  silly, fun, and maybe a little titillating too?  After all, the original Twister game was accused of being “Sex In A Box” after it was popularized on live TV.  Johnny Carson climbed over Eva Gabor who was on the floor wearing a short skirt while the two were playing the game on the Tonight show.  People started lining up at toy stores the next day and 3,000,000 copies sold in the first year!

Twisted Seniors tm Pre-Launch Interview
( I can clean up, put on a sport coat, and do it again if this takes off!)



A full on ecommerce site has been created along with a facebook page and a linkedin page.  It has been briefly advertised on facebook and instagram, achieving instant engagement and shares within the first 24 hours.


You can pre-order the game right now for $0 at and what you will get is an emailed notice later with $5.00 off coupon redeemable at any time after actual game release.

In addition to money, I am seriously looking for supply channel partners, and distribution channel partners.

The money is needed NOW to be used as seed capital to secure proper legal and accounting advice, conduct proper legal organization, have prototypes produced, create supply channel and distribution channel agreements, begin marketing in earnest, produce the first production run, and hit the market in early 2019.

Feel free to inquire at – but donate first!  $10. ? $100.?   $1.000?  $10,000 or the whole enchilada?  Fine with me! Equity deals might be arranged for the right offers, but this is not a stock offering at this time.

THE BIG WHY:  Previously Unidentified Market Need

SEE THE OLD GUY in the twister game art, on his knees watching the youngsters play?   HA!  Which old guys get on their knees?

Maybe he is begging for a chance to play a fun game that doesn’t require so much bending.  But… NO….  Listen to me.  I know something about this.  I am 59 years old.  Old guys don’t get on their knees if they can help it.  At least I don’t.  I have serious arthritis in my knees.  But I would enjoy a wall mounted twist (sic) on the idea that would create some social connection and a little fun while advancing movement, mobility, and balance therapy!


The marketing channels to be used would include medical channels that reach hospital physical therapy departments, nursing homes, recreational director professionals, and retail outlets including retailers serving the health and wellness market for senior citizens.  Boutique game stores would be included.  as well as retail stores selling gag gifts for ‘white elephant’ gift exchanges, retirement parties, and ‘over the hill’ parties.

Funds are needed NOW to get on top of the idea and the potential to be first mover in this category of balance and mobility games for fun and health.  The money being raised will pay for legal business formation, copyright and trademark registrations, prototype creation, and initial marketing.  There are time limits on being able to get a patent based on when the idea was first publicized or used in commerce.

This idea has been published and is being used in commerce at  the Official Twisted Seniors Game tm Website.

This idea has NEVER BEFORE been officially marketed by any company although a few high school youth groups may have tried it with an actual twister game (with our without shaving cream…lol) and a few photos exist of such experiments with people hanging a twister game mat on the wall.  The problem with hanging an existing game mat on the wall is that the size and orientation is wrong for a standing game that only includes the hands as playing pieces.

Twisted Seniors was invented by myself, and first publicized by BIG Marketing Solutions LLC which is my company.


I am a lifelong businessman specializing in marketing.  I once led a global niche market leading health and beauty products manufacturing company, accomplishing a 70 share in the domestic market and growing share in the international market competing successfully against foreign knockoffs at as much as half the price of ours, made in countries where labor was much cheaper.  This was accomplished with superlative branding and marketing efforts that made the product almost synonymous with it’s category and the brand is still famous in that industry today.

It was a great ride, but that was then.

I have been majoring in the minors as a self employed marketing consultant, while working on my Masters Degree in Marketing Communication which was accomplished almost one year ago.

One of my papers written for the University of Toledo at that time was about the economic and business potential of “A Golden Age For the Silver Market”.  It was about how Baby Boomers will change the world again, as they enter their silver years – just as they have changed every sociological age stage category they have passed through.  We are certainly NOT the silent generation.  

Perhaps instead of being an economic drain on society, they will spend their money having fun instead of consuming all the tax and medical industry resources and then dying on cue according to mortality tables?

Since then I have been looking for my next ‘ride’.   I am seeking meaning in my silver years.    I want to do work with meaning in my own silver years.  I don’t want to sell nuts and bolts on ebay all my life.

I AM WAITING:  Holding my Breath.  Maybe Shark Tank Will Call?  

Stephen Colbert?  Oprah Winfrey?  Knock, Knock… Is This Thing On?

I am a dead serious sort of guy so this company and product are going to surprise those who know me.

I know it looks a little silly, but is a completely and profoundly serious medical, physical therapy, and social / quality of life enhancement product for the senior market.
  Let the gag market have it’s fun too!   Fine with me : )


 Legal Notice:  Neither myself, nor my present company, nor the proposed company nor this fundraising effort have any association or affiliation with Twister inventors, Milton Bradley, or Hasbro. Trademarks and images posted belong to their respective companies and are depicted under UCC and Fair Use Doctrine of the DMCA allowing competitive comparison

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